Educational Programs and Free-Flight Demonstrations – Go Wild, Fly Natural!

In conjunction with Wildlife Revealed, we offer a variety of different programs to fit your needs. We have presented programs for preschool ages on up.  Our programs have been viewed at theme parks to renaissance festivals, elementary schools to street fairs and everything in-between.

Our demonstrations feature free-flying birds as well as a host of other amazing animals. They are highly informative, and extremely exciting! We tailor each presentation to the requests and requirements of our hosts. Presentations generally run 25 – 30 minutes, but can be presented to fit almost ant time requirements.

Our educational programs and free-flight demonstrations have been viewed at Renaissance Festivals such as: The New York Faire in Tuxedo, Georgia Renaissance Festival, Mobile Renaissance Festival, the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Charlotte, NC, and the Sherwood Forest Faire in Austin Texas. We have also presented at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia, Stone Mountain in Atlanta, and Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri. We have also presented hundreds of programs to literally thousands of school children across the nation.

Examples of our educational programs and free-flight demonstrations


Wildlife Revealed

A look into the amazing lives of animals and their abilities.  We feature animals such as a hawk, owl, falcon, parrot, snakes, tarantulas and other creepy crawlies, and more.  The audience is allowed an up close view of otherwise unapproachable wildlife.  This type of program has been presented at street fairs, schools and theme parks. You can discover more at the Wildlife Revealed Website.

His Majesty’s Falconry Demonstration

The king’s royal falconer will don his hunting garb, and take you one a thrilling trip into the past, explaining, and demonstrating the use of falcons, hawks, owls and more in the ancient sport of falconry!  Your audience will listen in the kings English as fascinating bits of history are delivered while a hawk flies overhead in a simulated hunt!  Guests will learn about the popularity of falconry in the renaissance while watching a falcon dive at over 100 miles an hour!

Raptors Revealed

By far our most popular program!  We feature hawks, owls, falcons, vultures, and other raptors in a free flight program that will leave the audience thrilled and amazed.  We discuss the natural history of these incredible birds along with their unique traits and natural abilities.  We even go one step further to demonstrate their hunting styles and techniques, all right ABOVE the audience!

Hands On!

We provide smaller handleable animals such as snakes, turtles, tortoises, hissing cockroaches, millipedes, hedgehogs, lizards, rabbits, doves, and a host of other critters so that children and adults can see, smell, and feel the differences between these animals (no tasting please).  This is a favorite program for schools with younger children, and senior centers.